Advanced Molecular Rebar® Nano Systems for the Aerospace and Defense Markets.

Explore the benefits of Molecular Rebar® when used in:

Lead Acid Batteries
Molecular Rebar®
Enables new levels of performance and lifetime in Lead Acid Batteries.
Lithium Batteries
Molecular Rebar®
Enabling higher capacity materials, significant breakthroughs in power, and safer battery systems in existing processes and systems.
Molecular Rebar®
Significantly increases both the mechanical as well as the electrical properties of host materials.
Rubber Parts
Molecular Rebar®
Significant improvements in strength, durability, and performance in a simple to integrate solution.
Molecular Rebar®
Simple to integrate solution providing significant cost savings, durability, corrosion resistance and prevention.
Medical Applications
Molecular Rebar®
Offers great promise in medical applications such as reinforcing engineered structures suitable for prosthetics, drug delivery and biosensors.

Material Properties

  • Cracking improved >50%
  • Tear resistance >50%
  • Adhesion >40%

Transport Properties

  • Heat, Electrical, Ion, & Molecular transport
  • Drastic improvements in batteries
  • Lifetime – up to 500%
  • Charge Acceptance – up to 400%
  • Energy Density – up to 20%

Electromagnetic Fields

  • Ability to provide system solution vs additive (traditional CNT)
  • Broad range of fabrication possible

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