Quick FAQs.

What is the difference between Molecular Rebar® and normal carbon nanotubes?

The technological challenge that has plagued carbon nanotubes has been their tendency to bundle together much like fibers in a cotton ball. Cotton balls have a lot of potential, but if you need a shirt, you need thread not jumbled and entangled fibers.

Our breakthrough is the ability to untangle tubes into their most optimal form, individual tubes with aspect ratios between 60 and 100 which unlocks the full potential of carbon nanotubes for a wide variety of applications and industries.

What does Molecular Rebar® do?

Like rebar in cement, Molecular Rebar® adds significant mechanical strength to materials we integrate into. And since we are open ended, we significantly enhance conductivity in a variety of uses. That means we can enable batteries that charge in 30% of the time normally required that last significantly longer per charge and over the life of the battery.

It means that we can integrate into composite materials and increase strength 700%. It means that we enable the potential to manufacture solid polymer batteries that perform like lithium ion batteries while removing the flammable organic solvents. In medical applications we enable the potential for a new frontier in targeted drug delivery and tumor targeting. And most importantly, we are just scratching the surface to the industries where Molecular Rebar® enables quantum breakthroughs in performance.

How can we partner with MW2?

MW2 works with program managers, DOD labs, contractors, and manufacturers in multiple channels through both research and development partnerships as well as full commercialization partnerships. We continually evaluate new strategic partnerships as warranted.

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