The breakthrough process.

Carbon Nanotubes

Beginning in 1985, carbon nanotube discoveries were praised for their potential to create significant improvements in material science. In fact, CNT’s had so much theoretical potential and such broad potential application they were anointed as a generational change in materials design and performance.

Yet, until now, the promise of CNT performance never materialized. The major impediment was the inability to unbundle CNT’s and separate them into their optimum form – discrete tubes.

Even today, all other methods of manufacturing CNT’s – through arc furnaces, laser ablation, or fluid-bed reactors – result in “fuzzy balls,” which are composed of highly entangled CNT’s. These fuzzy balls hinder or prevent the dispersion of the individual CNT tubes, which is required to achieve the theoretical optimums proposed by current material-science theories.

An ideal product would also be functionalized to adhere to the receiving material and be fully dispersed to insure consistent properties and performance. As expected, the inability to optimize CNT’s resulted in commercially insignificant improvement in the properties of the receiving materials and prevented widespread commercialization of CNT’s.

Molecular Rebar Design develops the breakthrough

The patented MRD manufacturing method addresses the critical issues presented above. The breakthrough provides a continuous process that results in the production of untangled CNT’s, which we call Molecular Rebar®.

How It Works

Our patented process starts with today’s commercially available, fuzzy-ball laden, but nonperforming CNT’s. Through a set of proprietary operations, the CNT’s are separated into discrete tubes — and with aspect ratios in the ideal 60-100 range. Then they are dispersed in formulations that maintain the single tube composition.

The uniform mixture is then made into master batches (either solid or liquid), which can be efficiently and safely shipped to customers. Another great advantage of our Molecular Rebar™ is that, at the customer conversion sites, it can be used with existing equipment and processes.

Production Facilities

The Molecular Rebar® manufacturing facility is currently producing commercial quantities with multi-ton capacity.

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