Enhancing Lithium Batteries.

When integrated into Lithium Ion applications, Molecular Rebar® significantly improving the efficiency and functionality of batteries by increasing life cycles, decreasing charge times, and keeping operating temperatures down.

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Focus on Lithium

Higher Capacity Materials

  • Significant improvement in inter-particle conductivity
  • More capacity utilized
  • Enables wider range of higher capacity Cathode / Anode materials


  • Flammable resistant Solid Polymer Electrolyte with conduction at 3×10-3 S/cm
  • Improves SPE performance up to 1000X


  • Major breakthrough in power/capacity performance
  • Applicable in all battery chemistries

Manufacturer Benefits

  • Address power, capacity, and safety
  • Integrates into existing processes and systems

Example of LiMnPO4 Nanocrystals Attached to MR®

The tubes are discrete, well separated, and not as a mat. They are not aligned. The tubes have about 4% oxidation.

Lithium Titanate + Discrete Tubes

Clearly there are segments of tubes with attachment to the crystals and other segments that simply bridge the crystals with no crystal attachments.

The level of oxidation allows control of the degree of binding of the crystals.

Example of a Lithium Titanate, Li4Ti5O12 crystals with attached discrete tubes having about 2% wt. oxidation.

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