Building Better Rubber.


  • Crack and Tear resistance improved >50%
  • Static Electricity improved 100X
  • Adhesion improved >40%
  • Significant cost savings potential due to downtime reductions

Molecular Rebar® provides nearly 10x the improvement over traditional nanotube technology when uses in rubber.

In an increasingly mobile age, rubber has become an essential part of the success of industries, military, and personal use. Rubber is a vital component of many aspects of modern life, from transportation to computer technology. Even many of the cellular phones that we use today rely on rubber in order to function at the highest levels.

Molecular Rebar® boosts the inherent strength and durability of SBR rubber. The multi-wall carbon nanotube that is achieved by the Molecular Rebar® process helps to maximize the performance for a wide variety of applications, including longer lasting and more durable tires, better gaskets and bushing strength for industrial machinery, more effective and efficient conveyor belt, and a wide range of benefits within military structures and applications.

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