How we got here.


The Breakthrough

  • MRD Founders grew and led multi-billion dollar division for Dow.
  • The company was founded to explore nanotechnology.
  • Key breakthrough on ability to create discrete carbon nanotubes.


Product Integration + R&D

  • From 2008 to 2012, focus on R&D, manufacturing ability, and IP development.
  • Prioritization of initial markets for material strength.
  • Multiple development partnerships funded initial work.


Commercialization Begins

  • During the 2012–13 year the initial breakthrough in battery performance/integration was discovered.
  • Exited stealth July 2013 with granting of first patent.
  • Accelerated development on energy storage due to high market impact.


JV and Defense License

  • MRD forms JV with Sabic, leading global chemical company.
  • Rapid acceleration of development.
  • Licenses all military tech to MW2 due to significant non-classified (batteries, coatings) & classified / high-value applications.

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